Grid connection process

Step-by-step guide to our connection process.

How to apply and connect to the grid

  1. Find out if you have enough load capacity for the program

    Complete a Pre-Assessment Form (PDF, 246 KB) and email it to

  2. Request to connect to Toronto Hydro's Grid

    If the Pre-Assessment results were positive, you can proceed with completing the Application Form (PDF, 651 KB) and submit it to us as per the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Application Guidelines (PDF, 567 KB).

  3. Complete a technical site assessment

    All projects must pass a site visit as part of the Technical Assessment/Connection Impact Assessment.

  4. Sign and return your Offer to Connect with payment

    If you meet all of our requirements, we’ll issue you an Offer to Connect and Connection Cost Agreement that must be signed and returned to us with your final payment.

  5. Complete isolation and Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) inspection

    When you’re ready to connect, you must contact and provide us with contact information for scheduling the isolation.

  6. Email Toronto Hydro a copy of your ESA Certificate

    Once you’ve installed the equipment and obtained ESA inspection and certification, you must send the ESA Certificate to Please include “ESA Notice of Inspection” and the project address in the email subject line.

  7. Complete final inspection from Toronto Hydro

    Once we’ve received your ESA Certificate, we’ll arrange for your project to be inspected.

  8. Meter installation

    We’ll install a bi-directional meter for billing purposes.

  9. Connection complete

    Congratulations, you're now connected to the grid!