Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Transform sunshine into electricity to power your home or business.

Solar panels are one of the most recognized forms of renewable energy and have transformed many homes and business across Toronto. Find out how this technology can help boost your electricity supply and your bottom line.

How it works

Solar PV systems convert sunlight into electrical energy and can range from small, rooftop-mounted panels or building-integrated systems that generate several tons of kilowatts to large, utility-scale power stations of hundreds of megawatts.

Solar PV systems require an inverter to change the electricity from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), as well as mounting, cabling and other electrical accessories to set up a working system.

Advantages of solar technology

  • Environmentally friendly, renewable and locally available
  • Helps reduce electricity bills when combined with the Net Metering program
  • Scalable to your needs whether you’re a residential, business or industrial customer
  • Inexpensive to maintain as there are few moving parts to service

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