Net Metering

Generate your energy from renewable sources? You may be eligible.

If you own a renewable generating facility, you’re probably familiar with the peaks and valleys of energy production. Our Net Metering program can help you manage your electricity and reduce your hydro costs. Here’s what you need to know and how to become a participant.

What is the Net Metering program?

The Net Metering program gives you the power to better manage your energy costs. When you’re producing more renewable electricity than you can use, we’ll take your surplus supply. In return, we’ll give you a credit on your bill to help pay for those times when you’re not generating enough power and drawing from our grid.

How does the Net Metering program work?

You’ll receive a credit or an adjustment on your monthly hydro bill for the energy exported, up to a maximum of the value of electricity consumed from our grid.

What are the eligibility requirements?

You can apply for the Net Metering program if you’re a Toronto Hydro customer and meet the following conditions:

  • You generate electricity primarily for your own use. You aren’t party to a contract or agreement (outside of the Net Metering Agreement) to sell electricity, in whole or in part, to Toronto Hydro’s distribution system
  • Your electricity is solely generated from a renewable source, such as drop in water elevation, solar radiation, agricultural biomass or a combination of these
  • You agree to export all electricity that's in excess of what you consume to Toronto Hydro
  • You don’t rely on Toronto Hydro to deliver the electricity you generate to your consumption point
  • You satisfy all of the technical requirements outlined in the Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) Process and Technical Requirement for Connecting Embedded Generation Facilities document

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