Closed Transition Transfer Systems

Switch between power sources without interruption.

If momentary outages can have a major impact on your bottom line, it might be time to consider adding a closed transition transfer system to your backup generator. This system allows you to seamlessly transfer critical load to and from our grid so that you can help safeguard your production and manufacturing, and keep your business running – without any interruption to your power.

How it works

A closed transition transfer system allows you to switch your power source from our grid to your generator and back without any interruption to your electricity supply. It works by allowing both power sources to operate in parallel for a brief moment for just enough time to transfer the critical load without a break in service.

How it can benefit you

  • Eliminates disruptions to your power supply by providing bumpless load transfer – avoid disruptions caused by grid related events such as weather, and maintenance and repairs to electrical infrastructure supplying your building
  • Reduces energy costs if operated during intervals of high demand as it allows customers to start up their generator, synchronize to the grid, and disconnect from the grid, enabling a smooth transfer without interruptions. It’s used for demand response and load reduction
  • Increases safety as the short term overlap of power sources eliminates electrical interruptions, making the transition of power much more seamless hence increasing safety, protects equipment, etc.

Associated technologies

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