Climate action

How to get started.

How can I decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from my business? What conservation programs are available to me as a business owner? You may have questions like these when it comes to making choices that are better for the environment. That’s why we’re sharing resources on how you can take climate action.

What is climate action?

Climate action refers to the acts or changes we can take to help reduce GHGs and manage the current and expected impacts of climate change. By taking action, you’re helping to make your business, your community, your city and your planet a safer and healthier environment now and in the future.

Toronto skyline with greenery.

Why do we need climate action?

We need climate action to reduce the impacts of climate change, which play a role in our everyday lives. These impacts include changing weather patterns, rising sea levels and more extreme weather events, such as ice storms and heat waves. People’s activities, such as using gas-powered vehicles, are increasing GHG emissions and driving climate change.

In Toronto, approximately 58% of GHG emissions come from residential and commercial buildings. Transportation contributes to 33% of the city’s GHG emissions. The good news is that there are now cleaner and renewable technologies that are affordable and suitable for business owners.

Did you know? In Ontario, 90% of electricity is generated by zero-emissions sources such as hydro, wind and nuclear power.

How can you take climate action?

There are several ways you can help reduce GHGs:

  1. Switch to transportation powered by electricity

    Use an EV or public transportation that's powered by electricity.

  2. Switch to electric space heating

    Heat your office or facility with systems that run on electricity, such as electric heat pump technology.

  3. Switch to electric hot water heating

    Heat your business’s hot water with systems that run on electricity, such as an electric water heater.

  4. Consider renewable energy solutions

    Power your business with solar panels and/or consider installing a battery energy storage system to help manage your renewable energy generation.

  5. Improve your business’s energy efficiency

    Take steps to conserve energy using conservation programs or everyday energy-saving tips.

  6. Plan for net-zero designs

    Instead of replacing like-for-like when systems reach of end-of-useful life, plan ahead to incorporate net-zero designs in renewal plans.

How is Toronto Hydro supporting climate action?

Toronto Hydro is here to help you take action. We’re developing plans to help power projects that reduce GHGs by:

  • Continuing to coordinate electrical connection upgrades
  • Creating access to funding to make cleantech more affordable for customers
  • Helping customers connect with trusted cleantech companies

As a clean energy leader, we’re committed to climate action and have created a Climate Action Plan, which supports the City of Toronto’s net-zero vision.

Climate Action Plan

Read our proposal for building a greener city and check out our progress in our status reports.

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