Green Button

A simple, secure way to download and share your electricity usage data.

Download your electricity usage data

With Green Button, you can download your data to gain better insight into your electricity use and patterns. This includes consumption details, billing information and customer information.

Note: Green Button is available within your self-serve portal. If you don't have an online account, register for access.

Green Button download my data through your Toronto Hydro online account

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Share your electricity usage data

You can also share your data with pre-approved Green Button third-party companies for additional insight into your electricity usage. Through your self-serve portal, you have the ability to authorize, manage and remove any third-party connections.

Please note that Toronto Hydro isn't able to provide a list of participating third-party companies. Customers are expected to select and authorize third-party companies of their choice.

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Register to become a Green Button third-party provider

Any third-party company looking to register as a Green Button application provider will need to submit an online application, complete a connectivity test and comply with Toronto Hydro's Third-Party Terms and Conditions for Green Button Connect My Data. Additional information will be provided in the third-party portal.

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