Ways to pay your business' bill

There's a number of ways to pay your Toronto Hydro bill.

We know the COVID-19 pandemic is putting economic stress on businesses and we’re committed to helping our customers manage their electricity bills during this challenging time.

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Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)

With PAD, the total amount due is automatically withdrawn from your bank account. You’ll still receive your bill two weeks prior to the due date, so you know the exact amount that will be withdrawn.

PAD is an easy, convenient and 100% secure way to pay your bill on time.

How to register for PAD?

To register for PAD, you need:

  • A bank account at a financial institution. If you have a joint account, we require the signatures of all account holders at the bottom of the completed form
  • A completed Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) form (PDF, 45 KB)
  • A copy of a void cheque

Once complete, the form and void cheque can be sent by:

Toronto Hydro-Electric System
500 Commissioners Street
Toronto, ON M4M 3N7
Attention: Remittance Department

Please note: Once you register, PAD takes effect on your next bill. You can pay any current bills through one of our other payment options.

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Financial Institution

Please note: We don’t accept credit card payments unless you've received a disconnection notice or have been disconnected.

Pay your monthly bill in person at your bank or use the online bill payment options offered by most financial institutions.


Pay your bill by mailing a cheque payable to Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited.

Toronto Hydro
PO Box 4490 STN A
Toronto ON M5W 4H3


Pay your bill online directly from your bank account with a Telpay account.

Business self-serve portal

Our new self-serve portal for business customers has arrived. You’re now able to access and manage your Toronto Hydro account(s) online.

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Equal Payment Plan (EPP)

Please note: EPP is only available to small commercial customers.

With EPP, your annual electricity costs are spread evenly so you pay the same amount each month. We estimate how much electricity you’ll use for the upcoming year and divide that amount into equal monthly payments.

Once a year, your account is reconciled. Any overpayment or underpayment is applied to your next bill. If the annual reconciliation shows that you owe an amount equal to or exceeding your average monthly bill, we’ll recover the balance over the following year’s equal monthly payments.

How to register for EPP

To register for EPP, please contact us by email or by phone.