Business bill breakdown

Helping you understand your business bill better.

Small commercial Time-of-Use (TOU) bill

Most small commercial customers are charged TOU rates. This means that you pay according to the time of day you use electricity.

Small commercial TOU sample bill

Small commercial Tiered bill

Some small commercial businesses that have a demand of less than 50 kW are charged Tiered pricing. This means your consumption is separated into two price tiers under the government's Regulated Price Plan (RPP).

Small commercial Tiered sample bill

Interval meter sample bill

Most customers with monthly demand greater than 50 kW pay the wholesale electricity price and Global Adjustment Charge. Customers with interval meters are charged the Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP).

Interval meter sample bill

Business self-serve portal

Our new self-serve portal for business customers has arrived. You’re now able to access and manage your Toronto Hydro account(s) online.

Portal details