Regulatory Affairs

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited rates and services are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board, an independent provincial government agency. At any time, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited may have one or more applications before the OEB, and may as well be participating in other OEB-sponsored proceedings. Available Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited applications and submissions are listed below.


Toronto Hydro's 2016 Electricity Distributor Scorecard and Discussion Document  

The scorecard is a new tool introduced by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB)  that measures how well Ontario's electricity distributors such as Toronto Hydro are performing each year on a specific set of measures. Ontario's electricity utilities will report their scorecard performance results annually, and make the results available to the public on their websites. For additional information on Toronto Hydro's performance on a specific measure, please refer to the discussion document that follows the Scorecard itself. To learn more about the purpose of the Scorecard, please see the OEB's Frequency Asked Questions.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  The financial performance measures reflected in the related Scorecard are in compliance with the OEB's methods of calculation for the purposes of electricity sector regulation in Ontario. These methods differ from generIally accepted methods of calculating similar financial ratios or are not based on the financial amounts reflected in the audited financial statements filed with the Ontario Securities Commission. For analysis of the financial performance of Toronto Hydro Corporation, including that of the utility, please refer to the Management Discussion & Analysis

  • 2016 Scorecard with MD&A
  • 2015 Scorecard with MD&A     
  • 2014 Scorecard with MD&A  




    Custom Incentive Rate-Setting Application for 2020-2024 Electricity Distribution Rates and Charges (EB-2018-0165)





    Application to Finalize 2018 Electricity Distribution Rates and Charges (EB-2017-0077) 


    Application to Finalize 2017 Electricity Distribution Rates and Charges (EB-2016-0254) 


    ICM True-Up Application (EB-2015-0173)


    Custom Incentive Rate-Setting Application for 2015-2019 Electricity Distribution Rates and Charges (EB-2014-0116)

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    • Notice of Application (English / French), published 02 Sep 2014.