Work request types

The temporary disconnection or shutdown of power to facilitate the Customer to do work safely. Typically, the disconnection is completed in the AM and reconnection in the PM.
Example: Customer requiring an isolation to performance maintenance on an existing electrical panel.
New Service Installation
Connection to a new permanent service.
Example: New commercial development.
Pole/Wire Relocation
Relocation of Toronto Hydro assets to accommodate the Customer's requirements.
Example: Pole relocation to accommodate driveway widening.
Service Disconnection
The permanent disconnection and any associated equipment removal required, including the meter. This does not apply for move-outs.
Example: House to be demolished and requires the removal of the underground secondary service.
Temporary Service Installation
Services installed on a temporary basis, typically to a maximum of one year, solely to be used for construction.
Example: Temporary service for a house under construction.
Upgrade to Existing Service
Change to an existing service to accommodate the customer's increased demand.
Example: Commercial Customer requesting a load increase from 1MVA to 2MVA to accommodate a new tenant.