On-street electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

Learn about our on-street EV charging pilot project.

On-street EV charging station.

At Toronto Hydro, we're focused on the electrification of the future. Beginning in 2020, Toronto Hydro — together with the City of Toronto and Toronto Parking Authority — embarked on a pilot project that installed EV charging stations on select streets across the city. The pilot project aimed to:

  • Understand charging usage in Toronto
  • Help permit holders gain access to on-street charging
  • Support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other emissions harmful to air quality

Following the success of this pilot project and other public EV charging programs, the Toronto Parking Authority has assumed the operations and management of these EV charging stations. To learn more about public charging stations in Toronto, visit the Toronto Parking Authority's website.

Toronto Hydro continues to focus on helping customers electrify their transportation by making investments in our electrical grid, piloting new innovative technologies and partnering with local organizations to help ensure EV charging infrastructure availability.

Keeping the public and EV drivers safe

Safety is our top priority, which is why we installed these charging stations in locations that aren't in the way of pedestrians. Still, if you come across these stations, it’s important for everyone, including kids and pets, to stay back and be mindful, just like you would for any other piece of electrical equipment. EV charging stations also have several layers of redundant safety features to help protect users from potential electrical and fire hazards while connecting, disconnecting and charging the vehicles.

For more information on electric vehicle chargers, visit our Electric Vehicles web page.

Safety reminder: These EV stations are for public use. To help keep safe, sanitize the charger head and any touch-surfaces before and after use.