Regulatory information

Our regulatory applications and submissions.

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited's (Toronto Hydro) rates and services are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), an independent provincial government agency. At any time, Toronto Hydro may have one or more applications before the OEB, and may also be participating in other OEB-sponsored proceedings.

Available Toronto Hydro applications and submissions are listed below.

Active applications

On August 20, 2021, Toronto Hydro filed its annual electricity distribution rate application for 2022 (PDF, 3 MB).

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Electricity Distributor Scorecard

Toronto Hydro has released its 2020 Electricity Distributor Scorecard (PDF, 455 KB), which tracks our results across the OEB's four key areas of utility performance: 1) customer focus, 2) operational effectiveness, 3) public policy responsiveness and 4) financial performance. Our 2020 Scorecard is accompanied by descriptions of the performance measures (PDF, 145 KB) and a list of frequently asked questions (PDF, 66 KB).

For more information about the scorecard, please visit the OEB website.

Note: Our scorecards for previous years can be found on our Corporate Reports page.