Utility of the Future

Our plan for evolving into the super-utility of tomorrow.

In 2019 and early 2020, Toronto Hydro undertook an investigation to assess how well our business aligned with existing and emerging trends. From there, we reviewed the evidence to determine what changes, if any, were required over the next 10 years. The goal was to understand emerging uncertainties in the electricity sector as well as potential opportunities, enabling Toronto Hydro to move forward with a core strategy rooted in facts and research.

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Unlocking transformation

Toronto is experiencing tremendous growth. As the city’s population continues to increase and we work to grow green together, electrification will intensify. Toronto Hydro’s future strategy is guided by questions such as how will this increased electrification be delivered and by whom?

Our grid is optimized to play a key role as we transition into the utility of the future. Smart technologies are rolled out across the city, enabling an intelligent grid. Toronto Hydro is poised to further modernize service for our customers and support an increasingly interconnected future. While we continue to focus on our core utility work, Toronto Hydro is also excited to prepare for big changes to come in the electricity sector.

Strategic priorities

To become the super-utility of tomorrow, Toronto Hydro is evolving the way we serve our customers and keep the lights on. This transformation will be anchored by six strategic priorities:

  1. Intelligent grid

    Grid automation and modernization investments move us closer to an artificially intelligent system that detects and self-heals before problems occur. Market-enabling investments help us prepare for a range of possible futures.

  2. Energy storage

    Energy storage is rapidly becoming more affordable and can help Toronto Hydro and our customers manage an increasingly dynamic electricity supply/demand environment.

  3. Transportation electrification

    Vehicles are becoming increasingly electric, and Toronto Hydro plays an important role as partner and enabler in supporting this shift.

  4. Customer experience

    Innovative communication tools like live chat allow customers to reach us directly. Enhanced services are planned to meet the unique needs of large commercial and industrial customers.

  5. Process automation

    By investing in and leveraging automation technologies, Toronto Hydro has the opportunity to realize economic benefits and improve the customer experience through greater reliability, productivity and cost-control.

  6. Business growth

    Our city is growing and Toronto Hydro continues to find ways to effectively leverage this expansion to stimulate business growth in the form of new customers, buildings and infrastructure.

Climate Action Plan

Part of our transformation into a utility of the future includes doing our part to build a greener city.

Learn about our Climate Action Plan

The watchtower and the sandbox

To help us be nimble and responsive in a rapidly evolving landscape, Toronto Hydro has adopted concepts known as the watchtower and the sandbox to support our operations.

The watchtower is an analysis tool that enables us to stay on top of emerging market, business and technology trends. This gives us information about the external environment necessary to adapt our business to meet evolving customer needs.

The sandbox is about creating space in our business to research, test and incubate new ideas and tools. This enables us to help ensure we can adapt our business to meet the needs of our customers in a changing world.