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Streetlight Service Request

For electrical emergencies (such as downed lines), call Toronto Hydro immediately at 416.542.8000 and press option 1 to reach our emergency dispatch department.

With more than 160,000 street lights to maintain, we appreciate your help to identify street lights that are malfunctioning. You can submit your report using our Street Light Service Request form below or via phone at 416.542.8000 (press 1, then press 4).

  • It's very helpful to have the pole number, if posted on the pole. 
  • The nearest municipal address is also very helpful to assist staff in locating the correct street light.
  • We ask for your name and phone number in case staff needs to follow up with you.
  • If your request is concerning a traffic light or a light in a park, please call 311 (from within Toronto only) or 416.392.CITY (2489).  Toronto's 311 service is available for general inquiries and service requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is your Contact Information?

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What is the Nature of Your Request?

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Single light out (one or two lights)
Multiple light outage (more than 3 in a row)
Light is dim
Light is on during the day
Light is flickering/turning on & off
Damaged street light pole
Wires are exposed
Trees are blocking light
Hanging or broken light fixture
Broken glass from a street light
Graffiti on the street light pole
Other problem (please specify)  

What is the Location of the Street Light Request?

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If there is a number on the pole please enter it here:  
Is there any additional information that you can provide to help identify the correct street light? Eg. Which side of the street the light is on (E, W, N or S), the number of street lights from the closest cross street (2nd pole south of Smith Ave) or various landmarks on or near the street light such as newspaper boxes or street signs.

If you are having difficulty using this form or describing the location of the street light please call us at 416.542.8000 (press 1, then press 4)