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Six Ontario utilities take 413 million kWh off the grid since 2005

    Conservation efforts save enough to power 45,896 homes for one year

    TORONTO, April 3 /CNW/ - A new report, released today by six of Ontario's
largest electricity distributors, collectively known as the Coalition of Large
Distributors (CLD), is proof positive that energy conservation programs
developed and launched during the past two years have made a significant dent
in electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).
    According to the report, titled "Shifting into Future Gear: Progress
Report 2006", the 1.7 million customers located in the CLD's service
territories in Southern and Eastern Ontario saved 302.5 million kilowatt-hours
in 2006 - enough to power 33,611 homes for one year. The 2006 results reflect
a 274 per cent increase in electricity savings over 2005 - the year in which
the CLD introduced its first conservation and demand management (CDM)
programs. During the past two years, the CLD has invested over $61.9 million
in CDM, removed a total of 413,065,155 million kilowatt-hours from the grid
and reduced CO2 emissions by just over 116,000 tonnes.
    "Since 2003, the McGuinty government has made available over $563 million
for conservation initiatives through Ontario's local distribution companies,"
said Minister of Energy Dwight Duncan. "The Coalition of Large Distributors
has shown tremendous leadership in spearheading new conservation and demand
management programs - four of which are to be rolled out later this summer by
utilities across the province. The Coalition is to be commended for its
innovative approach, for its spirit of collaboration and for its
ground-breaking work in building Ontario's conservation culture."
    Some of the CDM programs being delivered by the CLD that are fast
becoming household names with consumers include "Smart Avenues" (developed by
Enersource Hydro Mississauga), "Fridge & Freezer Bounty" (developed by Hydro
Ottawa), "Summer Challenge" and "peaksaver™" (developed by Toronto
Hydro-Electric System Limited), "Haul Away Your Energy Hog" (developed by
PowerStream) "SmartPak" back packs (distributed by Horizon Utilities) and
"Great Exchange" (launched jointly by Veridian Connections and Toronto
Hydro-Electric System Limited).The success of the 2006 CDM programs is reflected in the following

    -   8,088 fridges and freezers were retired

    -   12,671 energy guzzling air conditioners were removed from service

    -   26,745 peaksaver residential load control devices were installed

    -   78,936 seasonal incandescent light strings were retired from service

    -   546,052 retail coupons were redeemed

    -   1.5 million compact fluorescent bulbs were provided through mass
        market programs"This is a defining moment in terms of the environment, not just in
Ontario but globally," said Jack Gibbons, Chair of the Clean Air Alliance.
"Conservation and demand management programs like those developed by Ontario's
Coalition of Large Distributors show what it is possible to achieve when there
is political will and a serious investment of money and skilled resources."

    The Coalition of Large Distributors, which consists of Enersource Hydro
Mississauga, Horizon Utilities, Hydro Ottawa, PowerStream, Toronto
Hydro-Electric System Limited and Veridian Connections, provides electricity
for 40 per cent of Ontario's electricity customers. The utilities are founding
members of powerWISE® - the highly-recognized conservation brand launched in
2003 by Hamilton Utilities Corporation. Their goal is to continue to develop,
incubate, pilot and fully implement conservation and demand management
programs that support the Government of Ontario's plans to reduce peak
electricity demand in the province by 5 per cent by 2007.Shifting into Future Gear: Progress Report 2006 can be downloaded from
    the following websites:

    Enersource Hydro Mississauga      www.enersource.com
    Horizon Utilities Corporation     www.horizonutilities.com
    Hydro Ottawa                      www.hydroottawa.com
    PowerStream                       www.powerstream.ca
    Toronto Hydro-Electric System     www.torontohydro.com
    Veridian Connections Inc.         www.veridian.on.ca
    powerWISE®                      www.powerwise.ca