Suite metering for condo boards

Control energy costs while increasing energy efficiency.

What is suite metering?

Suite metering is a program offered to condominiums, where each unit gets its own submeter. This means that customers pay only for the electricity used in their unit and can benefit from their individual conservation efforts.

For condo boards, the program helps them better manage the electricity use in common areas, including hallways, lobbies, garages and HVAC systems.

How does suite metering work?

Once the Board approves the conversion to Suite Metering, we complete the installation and provide a post-conversion report. The summary shows the consumption difference between units and common areas to help with recalculation of common area maintenance fees.

Email our suite metering team for more details.

What are the expected benefits of suite metering for condo boards?

  • More predictable electricity costs for common areas
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Reduced common area maintenance fees
  • Free installation and post-installation account management

Toronto Hydro is here to help you make the switch to suite metering

Our end-to-end services make switching to suite metering easy and free[1]. We provide:

  • An initial assessment and a system design
  • Project management
  • Installation by licensed electrical contractors
  • Schedule flexibility. We’ll complete the conversion at a convenient time and with relatively little disruptions
  • Post-conversion report showing electricity consumption allocation between units and common areas
  • Account management, including meter reading, maintenance, billing and collection

[1]Subject to a site review and approval.