Interval metering

Gain insight on your electricity usage through PowerLens® Business

This section explains what interval metering is, what types of customers can use it and how to access it.

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What is interval metering?

Interval metering allows you to monitor your energy consumption by tracking your hourly usage.

Who can use interval metering?

Customers on interval metering include those that have a renewable energy generation agreement, such as Feed-in-Tariff (FIT), microFIT or net metering.

You also must be a customer with a demand greater than 50kW.

You can also check by looking at page two of your bill. If the first row has a column labelled "Peak kW 7:00-19:00" between Demand kW Demand KVA, this means that you're eligible for interval metering.

How to access interval metering?

Eligible customers can access their interval metering data through PowerLens® Business, an online customer portal. Here, you can:

  • Monitor your energy usage and access metering data
  • Determine how your facility uses energy
  • Compare electricity usage across multiple locations
  • View your minimum, maximum and average demand

Toronto Hydro customers need to register as Primary Users. If you’re a Toronto Hydro customer and wish to grant access to a third party, they must register as Secondary Users.

PowerLens® Business Frequently Asked Questions

PowerLens® Business provides interval metering customers with the ability to independently access their metering data. Benefits include:

Interval Data Analysis
The ability to view and download raw interval data, view energy loads, see energy usage changes over time and compare usage across locations.
Load Analysis
The ability to determine how your facilities use energy and monitor peak times and load pattern changes.
Usage and Variance Analysis
The ability to view your minimum, maximum and average demand and compare your usage to previous time periods.

Yes. You can view and analyze multiple meters at the same time by choosing "Select meters".

Yes. You can view meter data for other channels by selecting the “Trending Section.” Select only one meter at a time and check off the "Compare to other meter channels" field. Select channel two for kWh Generated.

If your meter has other channels such as KWA, AMPS or Voltage, you can also view them in this section.

No, this is currently not available. You need to log in and download the data in order to view your usage. We plan on implementing a service that will automatically email you your meter data at a scheduled time. We’ll notify you as soon as an update is available.

You can view meter data for multiple accounts by clicking the ‘switch’ button in the top right corner.

No, data with losses currently can’t be viewed. However, this feature is being developed.

No, you cannot aggregate meter data at this time. In order to view aggregate meter data, you must select the “Multiple Meter Points” in the Select Meters tab from the Interval Data Analysis menu. This feature is currently developed and we’ll notify you as soon as an update is available.

No. Time-of-Use rates are not impacted by the transition to PowerLens® Business.

No. Your existing services will not be impacted by the transition to PowerLens® Business.