Elissar El-Hage

Supervisor of Rate Applications

Elissar El-Hage

Elissar El-Hage is the Supervisor of Rate Applications within the Regulatory Applications and Business Support team. She has been at Toronto Hydro for a little over four years now, initially as a consultant within the Regulatory team and then as a full-time employee as of autumn 2019. During a portion of this time, she was seconded to the Engineering division and, in mid-2020, moved on to her current position.

“In my own experience, Toronto Hydro is transparent, empowering and supportive. Additionally, the collaborative environment enables the success of the cross-divisional projects and initiatives that I am involved in."

Although it was a stressful project, Elissar’s favourite experience since joining the company was the 2020 Custom Incentive Rate-setting (CIR) Application.

"That particular project really stretched me and taught me a lot about myself as a person. It tested my perceived limits and capabilities, and really highlighted my own resilience and ability to adapt. It was an intensive experience which allowed me to work with different divisions across the organization and learn more about the company in a very short amount of time."

Elissar’s supervisory role offers a constant learning opportunity and the ability to influence change. The energy/electricity industry is rapidly evolving and a utility’s ability and need to adapt is critical. Through her work, she’s had the opportunity to be part of discussions and to work through complex and interesting issues, as well as influence decision-making.

Through challenging opportunities, Elissar’s been exposed to different aspects of the organization, and her leader’s support and willingness to facilitate those experiences has been rewarding.

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