Ade Plumptre

Program Management Consultant

Ade Plumptre

Ade Plumptre joined Toronto Hydro’s Enterprise Program Management Office as a Program Management Consultant in 2015 and has worked in various roles and projects throughout the past seven years. As a Project Management Consultant, Ade plays a critical role in managing portfolio budgets, and ensuring target objectives set by investment planning are met and reported to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).

Ade values the work environment and experiences Toronto Hydro offers its employees, and looks forward to exploring new and innovative opportunities.

“Toronto Hydro is very fast-paced; there’s never a dull moment! There are challenging opportunities for continuous learning, professional development and collaboration with amazing co-workers."

Ade’s most fulfilling experience was working on Project Aurora, where new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software was implemented to successfully improve the efficiency and productivity of several Toronto Hydro processes. Innovative projects like Aurora motivate Ade to continue advancing in his career.

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