Put energy efficiency on your must-have list

Open the door to lower energy costs, better indoor air quality and improved comfort year-round.


Lower monthly home ownership costs

Compared to standard-built homes, energy-smart homes use less energy, deliver bill savings and help ensure better protection against cold and heat.

Expected benefits beyond energy savings

  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Higher resale value
  • Healthier – less bacteria, dust, pollen and more
  • Lower carbon footprint

Energy-saving features your new home should have

Be sure to request these to help save energy and money for years to come:

  1. High-performance windows.
  2. All-off switches and lighting controls.
  3. Properly insulated and inspected floors, walls and attics.
  4. Quality construction and duct sealing.
  5. High-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, including:
    • Furnace with a variable-speed motor
    • ENERGY STAR® certified central air conditioner with a SEER 18 or higher rating
    • ENERGY STAR® certified air source heat pump with a SEER 15/HSP 8.5/EER 12.5 rating or higher
    • Programmable thermostat
  6. ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine.
  7. ENERGY STAR® certified light bulbs and ventilation fans.

Talk to your builder

Ask if your builder or renovator is participating in the New Home Construction program. Toronto Hydro offers a number of financial incentives to help builders and renovators choose energy-efficient materials and equipment.


Find a licensed energy-efficient home builder at newhomes.nrcan.gc.ca/findaparticipant


Doing your own
home reno?

Install two or more eligible energy-efficiency upgrades, such as attic insulation and air sealing, and you could get up to $1,600 back.


What’s an EnerGuide rating?

Developed by Natural Resources Canada to help Canadians improve the energy efficiency of their homes, the EnerGuide Rating System is a performance and labelling program for houses. All buildings that receive the designation are independently audited.

Look for an EnerGuide rating that is
83 or higher



New house with some energy-efficient upgrades


Energy-efficient new house


High-performance energy-efficient new house


Net-zero house


It pays to raise the bar

Set your product apart, be recognized as a leader and earn incentives with energy-efficient home construction. From simple solutions to more comprehensive approaches (or a combination of both), New Home Construction incentives cover new buildings and major renovation projects.


Prescriptive Track Incentives

Pre-approved energy-efficient equipment earns standard, a la carte incentives.

Master switch

ENERGY STAR® certified central air conditioner (SEER 15 or higher)

ENERGY STAR® certified lighting

ENERGY STAR® certified indoor light fixtures

Lighting control products

Performance-Based Incentives

Tailored incentive packages for specific building types.

for a home that achieves an EnerGuide 83/84 rating or ENERGY STAR® certification

ENERGY STAR® certified central air conditioner (SEER 15 or higher)

Custom Track Incentives

Special incentives that use a customized calculation based on amount of annual energy savings a project achieves.

Eligible measures:
Space Heating • Space Cooling
Building Envelope • Water Heating

Based on how much energy the measure saves in its first year: the greater of either $800/kW or $0.10/kWh.


How to qualify for incentives

Simple steps to success

Planning Stage

Contact our service provider, GreenSaver, at 416-203-3106 x333, for the forms you’ll need to receive incentives. They’ll also help you fill out the forms.

Before framing or structural work begins, complete and submit the Preliminary Application Project Worksheet for approval.*

After you receive approval, complete construction.

Complete and submit the Final Application Project Worksheet and Terms and Conditions and submit occupancy permits and all other required supporting documents.

*Home builders and renovators must obtain approval before framing/structural work begins (excluding the pouring of foundation)


Top 5 features modern homebuyers want:

  1. Energy efficiency.
  2. Ample storage.
  3. Smart technology.
  4. High security.
  5. Open-concept floor plans.

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