DIY Savings - take energy savings into your own hands

From budget-friendly upgrades to rebates for high-efficiency products, our programs will help you save energy and keep your home comfortable – without breaking the bank.


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Save on LEDs, power bars and more!


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Free upgrades to help lower your bill


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Get up to $650 in rebates!

Download coupons to save instantly on a range of energy-efficient products. Save money right away and on energy all year.

On a fixed or modest income? Find out if you qualify for free upgrades, including energy-saving light bulbs, appliances, power bars and more.

Keeping your home cozy doesn't have to be costly. Install a new high-efficiency furnace and central air conditioner and get up to $650 back.


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Make energy efficiency a priority

Add energy efficiency to your home buying checklist so you can count on reduced energy costs year after year.

  • WIN a home automation starter kit
  • 4 money-saving coupons included
  • Tips to keep the heat in
  • Recipes that won't gobble up electricity

Get ongoing energy-saving tips and special offers for your home.

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