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We understand that sometimes circumstances can make it difficult to pay your bills. That’s why we make every effort to work with you by looking at different options to help you resolve any arrears. Know that disconnecting electrical service is always the last measure.

The following information is applicable to residential customers only:

No service disconnections: November 15 – April 30

No reconnection fee: November 15 – April 30

If your electricity has been off for more than six months

Overdue payments?

Get a one-time grant

If you’re struggling to pay past due bills, the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) offers one-time grants of up to $600.

See if you qualify

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Has your service been disconnected?

Please contact Toronto Hydro immediately at 416-542-8000.

How can I get my service reconnected?

How can I make a payment after disconnection?

I’m unable to pay the full amount indicated on the disconnection notice. Can I make a partial payment?

How can I get assistance?

My account is paid in full or I entered into a payment arrangement with Toronto Hydro. What happens next? When will I be reconnected?

Did you receive a disconnection notice?

Did you receive one of the following GREEN Toronto Hydro disconnection notices?

What happens next?

How can I make a payment?

I’m unable to pay the current balance on my bill. Can I make a partial payment?

How can I get assistance?