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We pay up to 50% for energy efficient upgrades

The RETROFIT PROGRAM pays incentives of up to 50 per cent of project costs when you replace existing inefficient equipment with high-efficiency equipment.

The incentives help reduce your payback period and your new energy-efficient equipment delivers long-term savings and reduced maintenance costs.

“My advice is to get Toronto Hydro involved early. They will help you with the process.”

Brad Achtenberg
Director of Engineering & Maintenance, Humber River Regional Hospital

These energy-efficient technologies deliver big savings

NEW: Chillers

Upgrade old systems for electricity savings up to 15%.

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Garage Lighting

Upgrade to T8s or LED lighting for immediate savings.

See more lighting options >

LED Lighting

Cut energy use by 75% in “always on” locations.

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Occupancy Controls

Why pay to light empty rooms? Install sensors to save.

Learn more about controls >

Air Conditioning

Get incentives to upgrade to high-efficiency models.

See the case for efficiency >

Variable Frequency Drives

(VFDs) Add to motors in your systems for savings up to 40%.

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Demand Control Ventilation

Let sensors detect when fresh air is needed. Save up to 30%.

See available incentives >


Tune up efficiency. With incentives, payback can be just months.

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Hydronic Balancing

Optimizing water systems deliver savings up to 50%.

Learn how to get started >

Monitoring & Targeting (M&T)

An M&T system gives you data to make smart decisions to save.

See funding for M&T >

Compressed Air Systems

This air isn’t free – optimize your system for savings up to 50%.

Learn how to get started >

Join other businesses taking the lead on energy efficiency See all case studies >

Brookfield Resiedntial

Brookfield thumbnail
Electricity Savings: $100,000/year

Upgrading 475 lighting fixtures in the condominium’s underground garage made it safer, brighter and more cost-efficient.

Watch case study video >

Hakim Optical

Hakim thumbnail
Incentive: $382,153

With upgrades to cool LED lighting in 135 Ontario stores, both lighting and air conditioning costs are down substantially.

Read full case study >

Atlantic Packaging

Atlantic Packaging thumbnail
Incentive: $382,153

Replacing old mill drives with variable speed drives improved productivity and drove electricity costs down.

Watch case study video >

KIK Custom Products

Incentive: $95,685

Upgrading to energy-efficient compressors created a 6.4-month payback, with annual electricity savings of over $180,000

Read full case study >

Humber College

Humber thumbnail
Electricity Savings: $44,994/year

Replacing two existing chillers with an energy-efficient unit, the college reduced their carbon footprint and drove down electricity costs.

Read full case study >

Tyco Safety Products

ROI with Incentive: 46.1%

Replacing 804 T-12 fluorescent fixtures with the same number T-8s delivered a 66% reduction in lighting costs.

Read full case study >

One of two tracks for RETROFIT PROGRAM incentives

Prescriptive Track

Under this track, incentives are paid on a per-unit basis from a defined list of equipment. Examples include upgrades to lighting, motors, unitary air conditioners, etc.

Custom Track

This is for any electricity-saving technologies and/or projects that are not included in the Previous Track. Incentives are based on project peak demand and/or electricity consumption reductions

  • For lighting projects, incentives are the greater of either $400/kW of demand savings or $0.05kWh of first year electricity savings (to a maximum of 50 per cent of project costs)
  • For non-lighting projects, incentives are the greater of either $800/kW of demand savings or $0.10/kWh of first year electricity savings (to a maximum of 50 per cent of project costs)

We recommend that you contact us to get started on your RETROFIT PROGRAM application.

However, you can start this yourself too.

The Program Checklist will help ensure your application is complete.
You’ll need these Relevant Documents (worksheets, eligibility, and participation agreements).


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