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Every business can benefit from saveONenergy incentives

Small Business

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Free lighting upgrades and other offers to help you save on your electricity bill.

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Commercial Buildings

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From garages to rooftop, we have incentives to help you save on every floor.

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Multi-Residential Buildings

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Get incentives to upgrade lighting, controls, HVAC systems and more.

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Industrial Facilities

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We pay up to 50% for upgrades to refrigeration, compressed air, VFDs and more.

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Municipal, School and Hospital Buildings

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Get incentives to optimize water systems, install occupancy controls and more.

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Restaurants and Foodservice Businesses

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We pay up to 50% for upgrades to lighting, refrigeration, cooling and more.

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Hotels and Motels

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Get incentives to optimize water systems, install occupancy controls and more.

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Retail Stores

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We pay up to 50% for upgrades to lighting, air conditioning, sensors and more.

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Technologies to put to work for your bottom line

Garage Lighting

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Upgrade to T8s or LEDs to enhance safety and reduce maintenance costs.

See more lighting options >

LED Lighting

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Cut energy use by 75%. Think stairwells, lobbies, stairwells and exit signs.

See the ROI of LEDs >

Occupancy Controls

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Stop paying to light empty rooms – let sensors automate your savings.

Learn more about controls >

Air Conditioning

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Take advantage of incentives to upgrade to high-efficiency models.

See the case for efficiency >

Variable Frequency Drives

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(VFDs) Add to motors in HVAC systems, fans, and pumps for savings up to 40%.

See where VFDs apply >

Demand Control Ventilation

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Let sensors detect when fresh air is needed. We pay up to 50%.

See available incentives >


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Refrigeration can eat up to 90% of your electricity bill – upgrade to save.

See available incentives >

Hydronic Balancing

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Optimizing your water system can cut energy costs by up to 50%.

Learn how to get started >

Monitoring & Targeting (M&T)

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We pay up to 80% of costs for an Energy Management Information System (EMIS).

See other funding for M&T >

Compressed Air Systems

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Optimize and maintain your system for savings up to 50%.

Learn how to get started >


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Upgrade old systems for electricity savings up to 15%. Get up to $40,000 in incentives.

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