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Help to save on air conditioning costs

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your rooftop air conditioner (RTU) running efficiently. When you sign up for RTUsaver, we’ll recommend the best ways to optimize your system and install a FREE Wi-Fi® enabled thermostat to help you better manage cooling costs.

How does RTUsaver work?

Schedule a FREE rooftop unit checkup

A qualified professional will assess your unit to ensure it's in good repair. If over two years old, we may recommend repairs or upgrades to help save you energy.

We’ll install a FREE Wi-Fi® enabled thermostat

Once your unit is in good repair, a qualified contractor will provide you with an energy-efficiency report and install and set up your thermostat, at no cost to you.

We’ll also help program your thermostat

We’ll create set-back schedules for your thermostat so you’re comfortable when you’re there, and saving energy when you’re not.

Enjoy year-round energy savings with your FREE Wi-Fi® enabled thermostat

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Access it remotely

Control your comfort from your smart phone or online, even when you’re away from work.

Smart schedule icon

Smart schedule

Set your thermostat on a 365-day calendar to minimize waste overnight and on holidays.

Control access icon

Control access

Most thermostats are password enabled, so you have complete control over your cooling.

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Get valuable insights

See trends and reports to get a big-picture overview of when you spend the most.

RTUsaver is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Small offices
  • Grocery stores
  • Retail stores
  • Big box stores
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Schedule your free on-site rooftop unit assessment

Call us at: 416-542-3388

Does your business qualify?

  • You have a Toronto Hydro business account
  • You have at least one rooftop unit:
    • 4 tons or greater
    • Serving at least a 1,500 square foot area
  • Your average annual demand is less than 250 kW
  • Higher annual demand? You may qualify for other RTU incentives

Find out if you qualify

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