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Conditions of Service

Every electricity distributor in Ontario must have its own "Conditions of Service" document to communicate its operating practices, the types and level of service available to customers within its service area, and its connection policies. Toronto Hydro will provide advance public notice of any changes to its Conditions of Service.


General Section

This section contains references to services and requirements that are common to all customer types and covers Rates, Billing, Hours of Work, Emergency Response, etc.

Customer Specific

This section references material specific to respective customer classes and covers Service Entrance Requirements, Power Quality and Available Voltages.


Conditions of Service Reference Documents

Ref. #1 - Economic Evaluation Model for Distribution System Expansion

Ref. #2 - Standard Connection Agreements - Terms of Conditions 

Ref. #3 - Distributed Generation Requirements

Ref. #4 - Requirements for the Design and Construction of Customer-Owned High Voltage Substations

Ref. #5 - Requirements for the Design and Construction of Customer-Owned Structures

Ref. #6 - Metering Requirements 750 Volts or Less

Ref. #7 - Metering Requirements for 13.8kV and 27.6kV Customer-Owned Substation

Ref. #8 - Construction Contractor Pre-Qualification Application

Please Note: that the conditions of service are subject to change and any subsequent changes will be incorporated with each submission to the Ontario Energy Board.

Note: You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and read PDF documents.

Comments to the latest revisions to Conditions of Service can be emailed to:

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Regulatory Affairs
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