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What is Suite Metering?

Suite Metering, also known as submetering, is a powerful tool for your apartment or condo. A submeter allows you to pay only for the electricity your individual unit uses, not for what your neighbours use. Why pay more for people who consume more? With Suite Metering, the more you reduce electricity use in your own unit, the more likely you are to see savings on your bill.

How do I get set up?

Your whole building must make the switch for individual suites to take advantage of their own submeter. Once upgraded, each resident will be able to monitor and manage their individual usage. Your property manager or condo board can access our seamless, no‑cost, end‑to‑end service that includes:


A FREE building assessment

Project management

Supply and installation

Account management

Submeter reading


Billing and collection

Time-of-Use (TOU) rates

Your submeter is compatible with TOU rates, which means you pay according to the time of day you use electricity. Typically, the lowest rates apply after 7 p.m. and anytime on weekends or statutory holidays. Shifting laundry and dishwashing to off-peak hours can help lower electricity costs. Check out these other no‑cost ways to save:

  • Choose ENERGY STAR® certified electronics and appliances to reduce energy use by up to 75%
  • Avoid streaming content through your game console onto your TV. It uses more energy than other alternatives
  • During cooler months, keep blinds open during the day to let the hot sun in. During warmer months, keep them closed to keep your space cool

Welcome to the family!

With Suite Metering, you become an individual Toronto Hydro customer. You’ll receive a regular bill from us. You’ll also enjoy the same quality service as our other 700,000+ valued customers, which includes:

  • Full customer service support
  • Online access to My TorontoHydro® – a fast and secure way to manage bills, payment history, account details and more
  • Your own personal TOU dashboard to monitor and manage your electricity usage
  • Access to energy conservation programs and incentives, such as Suitesaver, a program that provides FREE upgrades to LEDs in suites
  • Move in Assistant

Convenient billing and payment options


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Contact one of our Energy Experts for more information at suitemeters@torontohydro.com

Are you a business?

Visit our Suite Meter page for condo boards and new builders.