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Switching Sub-Metering Providers

Thinking of switching sub-metering providers?

Not happy with your current sub-metering provider?

Research the following before contacting us for help:

  1. How many years are remaining in your contract with your current provider? Are there cancellation fees associated with early termination and if so, do your cancellation fees decrease over the length of your agreement? Toronto Hydro has a five-year Termination clause. Our early termination exit clause depends on the remaining undepreciated cost of our metering system

  2. Do you own, lease, or rent your metering equipment? You could be on the hook for Measurement Canada mandated reverification costs. Toronto Hydro maintains ownership of the metering system and assumes responsibility of all reverification costs.

  3. Are their rates clearly displayed on your provider’s website or do you have to ask for them? Are they willing and able to share rate information? How do you know if the rates offered to your condo are competitive with offers made to other condo corporations? All of Toronto Hydro’s rates are posted on our web site and are approved by the Ontario Energy Board.

  4. Has your third party provider assumed responsibility of your bulk account? If so, you may not be aware of the basis of their charge for your common elements and suites. Explore having a consultant review what your buildings’ actual costs are.

  5. Do you have access to a redacted summary of Suite, Common Element and Bulk meter consumption and charges? If so, how does the amount billed on the summary compare to the amount on the actual bill?


Did you know that your third party sub-metering company is acting only as an agent of your condominium corporation? Be aware of your roles and responsibilities as an exempt distributor.

These include:

  1. You, the condominium corporation, must distribute electricity for a price no greater than that required to recover all reasonable costs.

  2. The distribution of electricity cannot be undertaken by an Exempt Distributor for profit.

  3. The smart sub-metering provider does not have a standalone contractual relationship with account holders.

  4. Upon request, your third party provider is required to disclose the methodology used to apportion your individual suite bill based on the condominium’s overall distribution delivery charge as established by the bulk meter.

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