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There are a number of ongoing scams targeting our residential and small business customers. Fraudsters are contacting customers by phone, text message, email, fake electricity bills and door-to-door visits.

Know what these scams are, ways to protect yourself and how to report them. 



Types of scams


Threat to disconnect power (phone)

  • Fraudsters claim to be from "Toronto Hydro Billing and Collection Process." They often mask their phone numbers so that it appears to be Toronto Hydro calling
  • Create a sense of urgency and get you flustered by threatening to disconnect power unless a payment is made immediately
  • Demand immediate payment in the form of a pre-paid credit card or Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin


Fake bills and letters 

  • Fraudsters are sending fake bills and letters demanding a $400 payment for a "Smart Meter Deposit" fee  

Electronic transfers (text messages and email)

  • Fraudsters are sending text messages and/or emails that appear to be from Toronto Hydro, asking customers to accept an electronic transfer (credit or refund) by clicking on a link



What you need to know 

  • We never threaten immediate disconnection. Customers are notified about past due invoices and pending disconnections with telephone messages and a hand delivered notice
  • We don't have a 1-800 numbers. If you receive a number that starts with these digits or were given a call-back number similar to this, it's a scam
  • We don't accept pre-paid credit cards or any type of Cryptocurrency as form of payment
  • We never send email or text messages asking customer to accept electronic transfers


How to protect yourself 

  • Immediately hang up any suspicious phone calls
  • Avoid sharing any personal information over the phone or in-person
  • Don't click on any links in emails/text messages asking you to accept electronic transfers. Fraudsters are attempting to access your personal information
  • Don't make any payments related to Smart Meter Deposits - this fee doesn't exist . Check the account number and compare any suspicious bills/letters to your previous invoices


How to report fraudulent activity

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501; quote file number 844396

Toronto Hydro Customer Care at 416-542-8000, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.


Account Management


 General Customer Care Inquiries

  • Phone: 416-542-8000 (8 a.m.  8 p.m., Monday - Friday)
  • Fax: 416-542-3452 or 416-542-3429
  • Email


  • 416-542-8000 (press 1) (24 hours)
  • Always report electrical emergencies (such as wires down, fire, sagging wire, etc.) immediately.


  • Report an Outage: 416-542-8000 (press 1) or Online
  • Report a Streetlight Out: 416-542-8000 (press 1, then press 4) or Online
  • Report Graffiti: Online

Before you call

Residential main account holders must provide authorization before we can assist anyone who is not listed on an account. To add a secondary account holder, please call Customer Care at 416-542-8000 (press 2), Monday to Friday from 8 a.m.  8 p.m. Read our Privacy Policy.