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Net Metering Connection Process


What's the process for participating in Net Metering?


Customers interested in participating in the Net Metering program will follow the same connection process as those customers wishing to install and connect a Distributed Energy Resources (DER) facilities. The Ontario Energy Board has established an Embedded Generation Connection Process in the Distribution System Code (Appendix F).



How to Get Connected


Step 1: Capacity Inquiry to Toronto Hydro

Step 2: Request to Connect to Toronto Hydro’s grid

  • If the Pre-Assessment results are positive, you can request to connect to Toronto Hydro's grid by submitting the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Application form
  • For projects under 10kW, complete sections A-H. For projects over 10kW, complete all sections 

Step 3: Technical Site Assessment

  • All projects are required to have a Technical Assessment/Connection Impact Assessment (CIA)
  • All projects will receive a site visit prior to completion of the technical assessment/CIA


Step 4: Offer to Connect (OTC) & Connection Cost Agreement (CCA)

  • We'll review the application and provide you with the information and cost required to connect to the grid
  • Providing that all requirements are met, a Connection Agreement will be issued to you to be signed
  • This must be returned to us with final payment


Step 5: Isolation and Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Inspection

  • When you're ready to connect, you must contact DER@torontohydro.com 
  • Provide the contact information of the person to contact (name, telephone, email) to schedule the isolation
  • Once you've installed the equipment and obtained ESA inspection and certification, you must send the ESA Certificate to DER@torontohydro.com. In the email's subject line, include "ESA Notice of Inspection" and the project address

Step 6: Final Inspection & Commissioning

  • On the receipt of the ESA Certificate, we'll arrange for your project to be inspected


Step 7: Meter Installation

  • We'll install a bi-directional meter for settlement purposes


Step 8: Connected!

  • Congratulations! You're now connected to the grid