Smart savings - Start with up to $1,500 in free lighting

Rebates help Small Business owners upgrade systems and reduce energy use

Lower your operating and maintenance costs, make your space more attractive, and increase customer and employee satisfaction with the right energy-efficiency improvements at your small business.

Rebates can cover all or part of your upgrade, depending on your project.

Small Business Lighting

Get a FREE assessment and up to $2,000** in lighting rebates

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Did you know that LEDs use up to 75% less energy? Lighting is one of the quickest, easiest upgrades you can make and we’ll take care of everything from start to finish! Rebates cover up to $2,000 of equipment and installation costs with this turnkey program.

**Rate maximized based on kWh saved.

NEW! Business Refrigeration Incentive

Get up to $2,500 in refrigeration rebates

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For grocery stores and restaurants, refrigeration can account for up to 72% of electricity costs. Start with a FREE onsite energy audit by an energy expert to see where you could be saving. You may qualify for rebates up to $2,500 on motors, strip/night curtains, controls and more.

NEW! RTUsaver

Rooftop heating and cooling unit?
Get a FREE thermostat

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Get a FREE WiFi enabled thermostat to help you better manage your heating and cooling costs. Ideal for restaurants, small offices, grocery stores, big box and retail stores.

Small Business
Harvey’s Liberty Village
Harvey’s Liberty Village
$1,565 annual cost savings*
$2,060 rebate
$0 cost to customer

Franchise owner Jeff Dang said yes to free refrigeration upgrades and WiFi enabled thermostats for his rooftop HVAC units. Now he’s noticing a difference on his bill and it didn’t cost him a dime to participate.

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Isabella Hotel and Suites
Isabella Hotel and Suites
$1,865 annual cost savings*
$894 rebate
$266 cost to customer

The Kalia family upgraded to LEDs at their boutique hotel to enhance ambience and reduce costs. They’re so happy with the results, they’ve enrolled in another program, RTUsaver.

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Master Mechanic Dupont
Repair Shop
Master Mechanic Dupont
$1,332 annual cost savings*
$1,920 rebate
$100 cost to customer

For detailed work like engine repair, bright lighting is a must. Franchise owner Frank Compierchio upgraded his service bays to LEDs and loves the results.

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New Euro Furniture and Decor
Retail Store
New Euro Furniture and Decor
$1,063 annual cost savings*
$1,410 rebate
$0 cost to customer

At his large showroom in North York, Jag Sahota swapped out old lighting and fixtures. His loyal clientele likes the new look and he’s saving approximately 35% a month on his bill.

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Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop
Retail STore
Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop
$2,675 annual cost savings*
$2,589 rebate
$155 cost to customer

Owner Pete Lilly upgraded to LEDs in both locations of his popular bike shop. Not only does merchandise shine brighter, now he says his cooling costs are lower – LEDs give off minimal heat.

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*Assuming price of $0.15/kWh.

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