Monthly billing: starting Fall 2016

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bill starting this fall!

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A shift for everyone in Ontario

All utilities in the province are now required by the Ontario Energy Board to move to monthly billing by the end of 2016. That means you'll receive 12 bills a year instead of six, making it easier to manage your costs.

Monthly billing also aligns with other companies that bill monthly, such as gas and telephone.

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Why 12 bills instead of six?

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More frequent bills make it easier to manage your budget

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You'll get a more current view of your energy habits and see how they impact your bill, so you can take action sooner

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Same bill, a few updates

Your bill will look exactly the same, except for these small changes:

  • Your meter reading period will be about 30 days
  • Your bill will be lower to reflect the shorter length of time
  • Your bill payments will be due monthly
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Have you set up automatic payments?

If you currently pay your bill on our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAP), your payment will be made once a month on your bill's due date. Not on PAP yet? Switch today and never miss a due date again!

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