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Reasons For a Higher Than Normal Bill

Below are the typical reasons why the electricity bill for your business may be higher than you expected.

Seasonal Changes

Is there a seasonal aspect to your business, where for example you're using more air conditioning than usual or processes change by season?

More Occupants

Did your company change in size? More people means more equipment, computers and air conditioning.

Equipment Left Running That's Not Being Used

Do you have equipment that's in an "always on" mode, similar to televisions that start up the minute you turn them on? This type of equipment continues to use energy if it's switched off. Unplug it to save energy.

Additional Equipment

Did you purchase more equipment? More computers?

Aging or Faulty Equipment

A faulty thermostat, a motor that needs a tune-up, or refrigerator with a poor door seal can lead to a surprisingly high electricity bill.

Previous Estimated Bill

If your past bills have been estimated, your current bill may be adjusted to reflect the actual usage. Examine your previous bill to see if they say "estimated".

Variation in Billing Days

In a monthly billing cycle, the number of days may typically range anywhere from 27 to 33. That's a possible difference of six days from one billing period to the next and the billing cycle may include four weekends, a time of increased electrical use for some types of businesses.