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The customer is responsible for providing, inspecting, maintaining, repairing and replacing, in a safe condition satisfactory to Toronto Hydro, all equipment and infrastructure that is owned by the customer on private property or in the public road allowance for non metered connections.

Equipment and infrastructure includes, but is not limited to, transformers, cable, switches, poles, fences, gates, duct banks,
conduits, cable chambers, cable pull rooms, transformer rooms, transformer vaults, transformer pads, tap boxes, handwells, service masts, and junction boxes.

If the customer does not inspect, maintain, repair, or replace its equipment, infrastructure, and property as required, Toronto Hydro may disconnect the supply of electricity to the customer.


eed access?

When access to the equipment, infrastructure, or property is under the control of Toronto Hydro (e.g. a transformer vault, a fenced off transformer), the customer shall contact Toronto Hydro at scheduler@torontohydro.com to make appropriate arrangements (e.g. access, temporary disconnection) prior to undertaking any inspections, maintenance, repairs, or replacements.


The customer is also responsible for maintaining its property in a condition that is safe and that does not inhibit the operation or threaten the integrity or reliability of equipment or infrastructure owned by the customer or Toronto Hydro. The customer’s responsibility to maintain its property includes, but is not limited to:
• Clearing vegetation
• Keeping storm drains clear and drainage systems fully functional
• Removing debris
• Maintaining operational and electrical clearances
• Maintaining proper grading and surfaces


Do you own a vault?


Access to vaults

In the interest of public safety, Toronto Hydro locks transformer vault doors so that only qualified Toronto Hydro personnel have access to these rooms and the high voltage electrical equipment they contain. When a vault owner requires access to his or her transformer vault for ongoing general maintenance, inspections and repairs, Toronto Hydro must be contacted to arrange for access in all situations.

For more information about vault access, please contact Toronto Hydro at scheduler@torontohydro.com

Vault Access Form - download here.


For more information about vault access, please contact Toronto Hydro at scheduler@torontohydro.com

Did you know?

Where Toronto Hydro indentifies deficiencies relating to the equipment, infrastructure or property owned by the customer, Toronto Hydro may leave a
Customer Action Form (CAF) noting the deficiencies that require attention and follow-up with the vault owner or his or her agent.


Upon receipt of the CAF, the vault owner must contact Toronto Hydro at scheduler@torontohydro.com to arrange access to the vault to perform any necessary repairs.


If notified of deficiencies, or requested to correct deficiencies in a particular manner,
 the customer shall correct the deficiencies and comply with any requests.



If the customer does not correct the deficiencies within a reasonable time, or if the corrections are not considered adequate by Toronto Hydro or an inspection authority, Toronto Hydro may disconnect the supply of electricity to the customer or may correct the deficiencies at the customer's expense.




For a complete set of the Conditions of Service, which apply to everyone who receives electricity from Toronto Hydro, please review Toronto Hydro's Conditions of Service. In particular, vault owners may be interested in reviewing the following sections:

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