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Requesting new or upgraded electrical service

Are you a developer building a residential, industrial or commercial site? Do you need to upgrade your electrical supply? We can help you add, change or enhance your service. Simply follow the steps below.

alert Please be advised only an authorized Toronto Hydro employee or a qualified Toronto Hydro contractor working on behalf of Toronto Hydro can disconnect or reconnect services. This includes any disconnection at the meter. Toronto Hydro must be contacted to arrange for any disconnection or reconnection prior to commencement of customer work.

STEP 1: Submit Your Request

Complete the Application for Service, save it to your computer and email a copy to Toronto Hydro at customerrequest@torontohydro.com.

If you have any questions, please call us at 416.542.8000 (press 4) (8 A.M. - 4 P.M., Monday to Friday). Please have the following information handy:

  • Contact name, address and telephone number(s)
  • Contractor and/or agent contact information (if one is working on your behalf)
  • Address of the property requiring service, including postal code
  • Service and request details

STEP 2: Toronto Hydro Site Visit

  • Within five business days of submitting your request, a Toronto Hydro representative will contact you to review the details and schedule a site visit, if required.
  • Following the site inspection, our representative will prepare instructions* outlining any requirements that need to be met prior to installation (based on Toronto Hydro’s Conditions of Service). These instructions can be provided on site to your contractor and/or agent, or sent directly to you, depending on your preference.

STEP 3: Complete Your Installation

  • Once you have met the installation requirements you can proceed with your installation of the new service.
  • For upgraded service, Toronto Hydro will work with you or your representative to arrange for a temporary service disconnection so that the work can be completed safely.
  • Upon completion, you must contact the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) at 1.877.372.7233 to perform a safety inspection.
  • After inspecting your installation, the ESA will send Toronto Hydro your Connection Authorization.
  • A final inspection must also be performed by Toronto Hydro.
  • Upon approval, the Toronto Hydro representative will arrange to have your new service connected or permanent connections made for your upgraded service.
  • If you are a new customer, please call our Customer Care Department at 416.542.8000 to set up your account and request to be moved into your new service.
  • At this stage, if payment is required, it must be submitted in full to Toronto Hydro. Payments are accepted by cheque only from 8 A.M. – 4 P.M. weekdays at Toronto Hydro’s offices at 500 Commissioners Street, Toronto.

    Or through a Wire Transfer/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

STEP 4: Turning Power On (for new services only)

  • Your service will be connected upon approval of the final inspection, receipt of payment (if applicable) and once all requirements have been met.
  • Please note: Your meter may take up to an additional two weeks to be installed. However, this will not affect your access to power. You’ll be ready to use power as soon as our crews energize service at your location.
  • Either you or your agent should be on site when service is energized. Please note: power will not be turned on unless Toronto Hydro can gain access to confirm that the main switch for the service is turned off.
  • You should receive your first hydro bill within eight weeks. If you do not receive your bill in this time period, please contact Customer Care at 416.542.8000 (press 2).

*Instructions provided are valid for 90 days from the time of submission, as noted on the Service Location Report.


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