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Requesting new or upgraded commercial service

If you are looking to add or make a change to your electrical service, simply follow the steps below.

alert Please be advised only an authorized Toronto Hydro employee or a qualified Toronto Hydro contractor working on behalf of Toronto Hydro can disconnect or reconnect services. This includes any disconnection at the meter. Toronto Hydro must be contacted to arrange for any disconnection or reconnection prior to commencement of customer work.

For commercial, industrial, institutional or multi-residential customers, over 50kW

STEP 1: Submit Your Application

Complete the Application for Service, save it to your computer and email a copy to Toronto Hydro at customerrequest@torontohydro.com.

If you have any questions, please call us at 416.542.8000 (press 4) (8 A.M. - 4 P.M., Monday to Friday). Please have the following information handy:

  • Contact name, address and telephone number(s)
  • Contractor and/or agent contact information (if one is working on your behalf)
  • Address of the property requiring service, including postal code
  • Service and request details

STEP 2: Toronto Hydro Evaluation

Within ten business days of submitting your application, a Toronto Hydro representative will contact you to review the details. A design deposit and all pertinent project information (site plan, proposed electrical drawing) are then required to proceed.

STEP 3: Offer to Connect

Upon receipt of all the required project information, Toronto Hydro will provide you with an Offer to Connect. This offer will specify the project details, timelines and financial requirements to proceed with the application. The Offer to Connect is valid for 60 days.

STEP 4: Returned Signed Offer to Connect with Payment

Sign and return the Offer to Connect, along with required payments, to your Toronto Hydro representative. Upon receipt, Toronto Hydro will complete the detail design, apply for all required City of Toronto permits and issue the project for construction.

STEP 5: Toronto Hydro Inspection

Upon Toronto Hydro's approval of all your requested documentation (civil infrastructure on private property, electrical room details, shop drawings, single line diagrams, etc.), construction of your electrical service and electrical room (if required) can commence. When completed, arrange for a Toronto Hydro inspector to verify that the installation complies with Toronto Hydro standards provided. Please note: This is the first of two Toronto Hydro site visits required; the second will take place in step 7 below as part of the final site inspection.

STEP 6: Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Inspection

When the electrical and civil installation is complete, schedule and complete a safety inspection with the ESA. Provided there are no deficiencies, the ESA will send a connection authorization to Toronto Hydro the next business day authorizing your service to be connected to Toronto Hydro's grid.

STEP 7: Toronto Hydro Final Inspection

Upon receipt of the ESA connection authorization, Toronto Hydro will conduct a final site inspection of the electrical and civil installation to ensure all Toronto Hydro's standards and conditions are met.

STEP 8: Connection to Toronto Hydro Grid (Power On)

Upon approval by Toronto Hydro, the service connection will be scheduled and completed within five days for services 750V or less, and within 10 days for services greater than 750V.


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Before you start work on your property, make sure underground power lines are marked — it's the law.

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