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Customer Care is an important part of the way Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited does its business. It's our aim to meet and exceed your expectations on every phone call or at every home or business visit.


Some of our business and residential customers are receiving emails and/or text messages that appear to be from Toronto Hydro, asking customers to accept an electronic transfer (credit or refund) by clicking on a link.
This is a scam. Toronto Hydro never sends these types of emails/text messages. Don't click on any links, as fraudsters are attempting to access personal information.


We’re also aware of another scam that sends fake bills and customer letters demanding payment for a “Smart Meter Deposit,” which is not a real charge. Do not make any payments if you receive a suspicious bill. Check the account number and compare any suspicious documents to your previous invoices.


We also want to remind customers of an on-going phone scam involving fraudsters claiming to be “Toronto Hydro Billing and Collection Process.” They demand payment, usually in the form of a pre-paid card. We never ask for this type of payment and never threaten to disconnect power immediately. Customers should not share any account information or make payments. Simply hang up.


If you suspect you are the target of fraudulent activity, contact:
1. Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre: 1-888-495-8501; quote file number 844396.
2. Toronto Hydro Customer Care at 416-542-8000, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.


Example of fraudulent bill

Example of fraudulent letter

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