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Hydro Pole Attachments

Looking to attach a flower basket, banner or decorative light to one of Toronto Hydro’s poles?

Certain attachments are permitted on Toronto Hydro poles. To help ensure public safety, it is necessary for you to follow the permitting process. To obtain permission, complete an application and provide all the required documentation.


Here's what you need to know

What are Pole Attachments?

Pole attachments can include banners, flower baskets, decorative lighting and festive decorations.

Poles Attachments and Safety Requirements

Toronto Hydro is committed to customer and employee safety. Attachments to poles are overseen by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) to ensure that safety standards are met and maintained. Toronto Hydro equipment is audited annually to verify that all attachments comply with Ontario Regulation 22/04 under the Electricity Act (1998)

Getting Started

Application processing time

Toronto Hydro requires 90 DAYS to process applications. Accordingly, applications must be received a minimum of 90 DAYS prior to any planned events. The application must specify how long the permit is required and must provide the applicant’s contact information.

Any temporary permit application that is submitted to the Asset Attachments and Leases team less than 45 days from the planned event start date will not be processed. Temporary licensees and/or installers are further advised that the review and processing of temporary permit applications can be expected to take approximately four to six weeks.

Required Documents

  • Professional Engineer-stamped drawing of attachment (including dimensions, clearances, weights, specifications, etc.)
  • Temporary banner application form completed
  • Legal agreements signed and returned to Toronto Hydro
  • Once the application has been accepted by Toronto Hydro, it will be sent to the City of Toronto for final approval and a permit will be issued from Right of Way Management.