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How we restore power

If Your Power Goes Out, We’ll Be There to Restore it

Here is the process we follow to get your power back on as safely and quickly as possible.

What Happens When You Report an Outage

Restoring power can involve much more than reconnecting power lines and flipping a switch.

  1. First we record your outage in our outage management system
  2. Next, we send out crews to safely assess the situation
  3. Then, we begin repairs

How We Prioritize Multiple Outages

When outages are widespread, we follow this plan to safely restore power as quickly as possible.

How we prioritize
  1. Critical services: First, we restore outages that are most critical to public safety, including hospitals, fire, police and essential citywide systems.
  2. Stations and feeder lines: Next, we work to make repairs to stations or major feeder lines serving the largest number of customers.
  3. Individual homes: Finally, we work to restore power to smaller neighbourhoods, streets and individual homes or businesses.

Our Responsibility and Yours

If your home’s electrical equipment is damaged after a storm, know what equipment belongs to Toronto Hydro and what equipment is your responsibility to repair.

Responsibilities Illustration

What’s Ours

  • Service wire: We are responsible for repairing or replacing the wire that comes from the street to your home.
  • Connection point: The connection point, owned by Toronto Hydro, is where our equipment ends and yours begins.
  • Electric meter: We are responsible for your meter and will replace or repair it as needed.

What’s Yours

  • Standpipe or mast: If the hardware and cables running from the connection point down the side of your house and into your home are damaged, you must have an Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) approved electrician repair it before we can restore your service.

Please note: Repairs to standpipes must be approved by the ESA. Once your repair is approved, please advise us at 416.542.8000.

To find an electrical contractor in your area, please visit ESA’s website or call 1.877.ESA.SAFE.