For many years, the City has encouraged film production in Toronto and Toronto Hydro is pleased to support these initiatives. If you are interested in filming at a Toronto Hydro location,
please provide the following information.

Location Information:

Filming Location: *  
Starting Date: *  
End Date: *  
Number of Film Staff Onsite:
Number of Vehicles:

Production Company Information:

Production Company: *  
Production Company Address: *  
Production Company Postal Code: *  

Applicant's Information:

Name of Applicant: *  
Position / Job Title: *  
Email Address: *
Phone Number: *

Project Information:

Project Title: *  
Project Type:
Effects being Used: Gunfire Loud Noise Explosions Street lighting
Fighting Stunts Boom Lights Fire/Smoke

Nature of Request:

I acknowledge that there will be hourly rates and other costs associated

Please note:
  • Due to safety concerns, we do not permit access to live stations or any underground chambers or vaults. Safety is our top priority.
  • This application only applies to Toronto Hydro owned property. For more information regarding filming on streets, city property or in parks, please visit the City of Toronto website.
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