Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

On-street charging for EVs is now available.

Toronto Hydro and the City of Toronto installed charging stations on select streets across the city. These stations are part of a pilot project, which aims to:

  • Understand charging usage in Toronto
  • Help permit holders gain access to on-street charging
  • Support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other emissions harmful to air quality

Location of charging stations

  • Alton Avenue
  • Bowmore Road
  • Mountjoy Avenue
  • Palmerston Avenue
  • Shaw Street
  • Wellington Street West
  • Annette Street
  • Carlton Street
  • Christie Street
  • Runnymede Road
  • Westlake Avenue
  • Strathmore Boulevard
  • Roseheath Avenue
  • Riverdale Avenue
  • Inglewood Drive
  • Chatham Avenue
  • Dovercourt Road
  • High Park Avenue
  • Jones Avenue

The charging stations are located in areas that have enough capacity for dedicated EV parking spots. These locations were also chosen because the pole placement allowed us to install the charging stations safely and with minimal disruptions to pedestrians and the community.

Keeping the public and EV drivers safe

Safety is our top priority, which is why we’ve installed these charging stations in locations that aren't in the way of pedestrians. Still, if you come across these stations, it’s important for everyone, including kids and pets, to stay back and be mindful, just like you would for any other piece of electrical equipment.

EV charging stations also have several layers of redundant safety features to help protect users from potential electrical and fire hazards while connecting, disconnecting and charging the vehicles.

Safety reminder: EV stations are public spaces. To help keep safe, sanitize the charger head and any touch-surfaces before and after use.

Frequently asked questions

To use the on-street charging stations, you need to have an account with FLO, Canada’s Largest EV charging network. If you don’t have a FLO account, you can register online by following the steps listed below.

  1. Visit FLO’s website and sign up.
  2. Download the FLO mobile app and order a FLO card.
  3. Add funds to your account.

Log in or sign up for a FLO account

Once you’ve added funds to your account, you can tap your FLO card or use the app to activate the charging stations.

Up to two on-street spots in each pilot area are designated for EVs to charge. During the day, the spots are open to all EV owners to charge their vehicles.

Overnight, when permit parking regulations are in effect, only permit holders with an EV that is actively being charged (plugged in) are allowed to park in these spots.

These parking spots are subject to City parking bylaws. Please review the bylaws to avoid the risk of being towed.

Spots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

There’s no time limit for charging. However, for parking duration and overnight parking permits, refer to City bylaws for parking regulation. You can also contact 311 Toronto for more information.

If you know of another street that may benefit from an on-street charger, email us at comms@torontohydro.com. While this doesn’t guarantee a charging station will be installed on the street, it does help us plan for future locations.

If you’re experiencing issues charging your EV, please contact FLO for technical support.

This pilot program involves a number of organizations. Depending on your concern, please contact the appropriate organization based on the chart below.

Who to contact

Type of question or concern Organization to contact
Usage, operation or the fee of the charging stations


Visit Flo's website for their contact information.

Bylaws, enforcement or parking spot signage

311 Toronto

Visit 311 Toronto's website for their contact information.

Concerns about the charger, the pole or any electricity-related matters

Toronto Hydro

Visit our contact page to reach us by phone or email.

Have your say! We welcome feedback on this pilot project. Send us your feedback by email at comms@torontohydro.com.