Leila Karimi

Supervisor, Stations, Stations and Distribution Automation

Leila Karimi

Leila Karimi enjoys any opportunity she gets to make a positive and productive difference in her role at Toronto Hydro.

Leila joined Toronto Hydro in 2012 as a Program Management Consultant and is currently a Stations Supervisor in the Stations and Distribution Automation Department. As a Stations Supervisor, she plays many important roles, which include assigning projects, providing project updates to stakeholders and supporting the team as a whole.

“I lead a dynamic team of technical professionals who work hard to produce safe designs, and most importantly, I care about their well-being."

Leila is also responsible for developing processes, templates and guidelines for asset assembly, station project planning and station commission.

“Building these processes is a fun part of my job as I’m able to work with many stakeholders and I also get an opportunity to make a positive and productive difference."

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