Emily Majdi

Engineer – Standards and Policy Planning

Emily Majdi

For Emily Majdi, being a part of Toronto Hydro is both an enormous responsibility and one that fills her with a great sense of pride.

Emily is an engineer with Standards and Policy Planning who joined Toronto Hydro in November 2011. She’s responsible for specifications, standards and test procedures for our underground and overhead cables. She started in System Planning before moving to her current position at the end of 2014.

While her job is rewarding, interesting and challenging, the best part of working at Toronto Hydro is the people with whom she works.

"I’ve been very fortunate to work with amazing people throughout my career, both in the office and in the field. Each person has played a huge role in how I see our distribution system and shaped who I have become as an engineer."

Emily has been guided by some wonderful mentors, starting with her dad (even though he’s a civil engineer, he loves electrical engineering). A power engineering professor at Queen’s also provided mentorship and made the idea of working in the distribution industry very appealing.

She’s since been fortunate to work with “amazing supervisors” who, she says, were open, easy to communicate with and allowed her to express her ideas.

"They listened to my ideas and opinions over the years and supported ideas they felt were good, which has continued to motivate me to push through even when times get tough. They let me work side-by-side with crews to really understand what they need out in the field so that I can be a better engineer in the office."

The professional development opportunities at Toronto Hydro, including training programs, have really helped Emily in her career. Today, she‘s collaborating with the Trades School to establish various training programs for crews and controllers related to the underground cable program.

“It’s very, very exciting!”

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