Duncan Leung

Design Supervisor

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Duncan Leung joined Toronto Hydro in July 1988 as a junior electrical engineer, and nearly 30 years later, he says it’s the variety of projects and great teams that have kept him interested and challenged.

“There’s never been a dull moment,” he says.

Before moving to Toronto Hydro, Duncan worked for an electric company in his native Hong Kong for a time after graduating from the electrical engineering program at Queen’s University.

At Toronto Hydro, Duncan’s had a number of opportunities to work in different departments and explore different areas of the company. He’s worked in Network Services, became a senior engineer working in a conversion department, and in 2001, was promoted to a design supervisor role in the downtown core.

One of the hallmarks of his career has been the attitude of collaboration and team work that permeates every department in the organization.

“We strive to have a team-based approach and work to solve problems together,” says Duncan.

That means engineers, who are usually focused on the theory of a design, work collaboratively with colleagues in construction to examine the practical applications of a project.

In 2008, Duncan moved into Customer Connection and Maintenance, and then to his current role as design supervisor for the east end in 2010.

“Right now is an exciting chapter in my career. As I’m nearing retirement, what really drives me is passing the torch and training the next group of people to maintain our system so it’s reliable and environmentally conscious.”

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