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Graffiti Is a Community Concern - Get Involved!

As a proud member of the community, Toronto Hydro is committed to do its part to keep its property free of graffiti in order to help the City of Toronto and the community stay clean and beautiful.


Eliminating graffiti from our property is an important way to maintain community cleanliness and beauty.

We're asking for your input to help us keep Toronto graffiti-free. The City of Toronto defines graffiti as: "One or more letters, symbols, figures, etching, scratches, inscriptions, stains, or other markings that disfigure or deface a structure or thing, howsoever made or otherwise affixed on the structure or thing, but, for greater certainty, does not include an art mural."

If you notice graffiti on any Toronto Hydro property, please let us know by completing the Graffiti Reporting Request.