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With suite metering, you pay for the electricity used in your suite, not for what your neighbours use. It’s a fair way to allocate costs – those who consume more, pay more. If you choose to conserve, you’ll directly benefit. 

A practical tool to manage costs

Suite metering means that you can control your electricity costs by monitoring and managing your own usage. The more steps you take to reduce electricity use, the more likely you are to see savings on your bill.


Shift to save with Time-of-Use (TOU) rates

Your suite meter works with Time-of-Use rates, which means you pay according to the time of day you use electricity. Typically, the lowest rates apply after 7 p.m. and anytime on weekends or statutory holidays. Simple changes, like shifting your laundry and dishwashing to Off-Peak hours can help you manage your electricity costs. The more you shift, the more you can save.


Toronto Hydro – delivering electricity safely and reliably for more than 100 years

As a Toronto Hydro customer, you will receive a regular bill from us. You’ll also enjoy the same quality service as our other 700,000+ valued customers, which includes:

Convenient billing and payment options

  • Cut down on paperwork and clutter ­– go paperless with eBills
  • Set up Pre-Authorized Payment, the effortless way to pay your bill automatically – on time, every time





New customer?

Our easy-to-use Move In Assistant will help you to complete your account set up quickly and conveniently.


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Everyone benefits from suite metering


Seamless switch. Reliable savings.

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Suite meter conversion

Suite Meter Conversion FAQ