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Suite Meter Conversion FAQ


What is a suite meter?

A suite meter is a meter that is installed to record the electricity consumption of one individual condo or apartment suite, typically in a multi residential building.

Why was a new customer rate class created for suite metered customers?

Toronto Hydro was directed by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to create a new customer rate class for suite metered customers in order to better align the costs associated with suite meters for this customer group. This suite meter class is designated as the Competitive Sector Multi-Unit Residential Class by the OEB.

Is any action required on my behalf related to this change?

No. No action is required as the conversion to your new customer rate class was completed automatically.

How will my bill be impacted by this change?

On your first bill after the conversion, you will notice that your historical energy consumption chart will not display past usage information. It will only show the usage for the most recent billing period. Your usage will rebuild itself over time. In the interim, you are able to access your historical usage by logging into your time-of-use (TOU) portal account at www.torontohydro.com/tou .  If not yet registered, please register today at the same address listed above.

Will my rates change?

Effective June 1, 2013, the Ontario Energy Board authorized an  implementation of new suite meter class and rates.  More information.


Where can I get more information about this change?

For more information on Competitive Sector Multi-Unit Residential Rates, go to Electricity Rates  or contact the Ontario Energy Board Consumer Relations Centre at 1-877-632-2727.

If you have questions about the impact on your Toronto Hydro bill, go to Residential Rates FAQ.