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eBills FAQ

How do I sign up for eBills?

You can sign up directly on our website or at your participating financial institution's online banking website offering ePost electronic document delivery service. To sign up, you will need your latest Toronto Hydro bill. Please note: You must already be signed up for online banking in order to access your Toronto Hydro eBills through your financial institution.

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Can I sign up for eBills on my financial institution's website?

You can sign up for eBills through online banking websites that offer epost electronic document delivery service. Just add Toronto Hydro to your list of online ePost billers. Current ePost participants are: RBC Royal Bank, CIBC, TD Canada Trust, National Bank of Canada, Laurentian Bank, Scotiabank, BMO and Mouvement des caisses Desjardins.

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What is epost?

epost is Canada Post's free electronic bill presentment service, which helps you to manage your bills and other financial documents, safely and securely, online. Visit epost for more information.

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When can I expect to receive my first eBill?

Once you have activated your eBills account, you will receive your very next bill electronically.

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How will I know that I have a new eBill?

If you sign up for eBills on Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited's website, we will notify you that your eBill is ready to view by sending an e-mail to the address you provided. If you activate your eBills account on your online banking website offering epost electronic document delivery service, then your bank may send you an e-mail notification – the policy will vary depending on the bank. If you are concerned about missing a payment, consider taking advantage of our convenient Pre-Authorized Debit option.

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Can you send notification of a pending eBill to two different e-mail addresses?

No, secondary users cannot receive eBill notifications. Only one email address can receive the eBill notification. Secondary users can register for My TorontoHydro and view bills and balances.

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How do I view my eBills?

To view your eBills, login to My TorontoHydro and click on View Bills.

You can view a summary of your bill, and link to the full details of your bill, as well as the back of your bill. You can also review your previous bills, and access all the information that is mailed with our paper bills.

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 Can I see my outstanding account balance online?

Yes, you can check any outstanding amounts on your My TorontoHydro homepage or in the "View Bills" section. For more information, click here.

How many of my previous bills can I view and print using eBills?

You can access your current and previous bills (up to two years) online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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I received an e-mail stating that my bill is ready for viewing, but when I go to the Web site the most current bill is not available. What should I do?

Although it is rare, there can be a delay between the e-mail reminder being sent and the bill actually being available for viewing. If you receive an email then discover your billing information has not been updated, check back in 24 hours. If the information has still not been updated after 24 hours, please contact us at 416.542.8000 to inform us of the problem.

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Do I have the option of having my bill e-mailed to me as a PDF?

Emailing your bill as a PDF file presents a security risk to you in that emails can be intercepted, as a result we do not offer this option.

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Why didn't I receive my e-mail notification? I know my e-mail address is correct.

There is a possibility that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has mistaken our e-mail notification as junk mail and has failed to deliver it to you. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are installing spam filters to help reduce the overwhelming amount of junk mail. Occasionally, legitimate emails are mistaken for junk mail and are blocked. Please contact us and verify your e-mail address. If it is correct we recommend you contact your ISP and ensure that Toronto Hydro is a valid emailer.

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Can I pay my eBills from the Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited Web site?

Please see our full list of available Payment Options. 

If you prefer, you can have your bill amount withdrawn automatically with the Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) option.

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I'm already a Pre-Authorized Debit customer. Do I have to sign up for PAD again once I activate my eBills account?

No, your PAD status will not be affected by eBills. Your payments will continue to be automatically withdrawn from your account. The only change is that now, instead of receiving a paper bill in the mail, your bills will be available to view online.

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Can I pay my eBills using my credit card?

At this time, you cannot use a credit card on our site to pay your eBills online.

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Can I pay my eBills at my financial institution?

Your eBills cannot be printed and then used to make a payment at a financial institution. The absence of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) coding prevents the bank from processing your payment. Of course, your eBills can be paid online at your finanical institution's Web site. Or you can have your bill amount withdrawn automatically using Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited's convenient Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) option.

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If I sign up for eBills, will you use my e-mail address for marketing purposes?

No. When you register for eBills on Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited's Web site, your e-mail address will only be used to send you information about your eBills account. We will not send you other e-mail without your permission, nor will we make your e-mail address available to any other company. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

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What if I think my eBill is wrong?

If you have any questions or concerns about your bill, please contact our Customer Care department during normal business hours, 8 a.m.  8 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding statutory holidays) at 416.542.8000 or Contact Us.

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If I move to a different property within your billing area, am I required to register again?

Yes, for your security we require that you sign up for each account separately. However, when you move, you will still have access to your old account information.

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I forgot my Security Question/Answer. What should I do?

To retrieve your Security Question and Security Answer:

  1. If you are not logged in to your My TorontoHydro account, login using your User Name and Password.
  2. Click Change My Profile in the left-hand menu.
  3. Your current Security Question and Answer will be shown. You can then change this information if you wish.

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How do I deactivate my paperless billing?

To deactivate, click on Paperless Billing within My TorontoHydro and follow the instructions. Remember that if you have also signed up for paperless billing at your financial institution's Web site, you will have to cancel this service as well to resume receiving your paper bill in the mail.

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Where can I get more help?

Please contact our Customer Care department during normal business hours, 8 a.m.  8 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding statutory holidays) at 416.542.8000 or Contact Us   

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