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Important Notice About Account Changes


To help serve you better, Toronto Hydro has upgraded to a new customer information and billing system. With this change, you will notice that:


  • Your account number has changed

  • Your historical electricity usage information is
    temporarily unavailable on your bill 


New Account Number

Your account number has changed. You will be notified of your new number, once the change comes into effect.  You may need to take action, depending on your method of payment.

Please see the following payment methods to determine
what actions are required:


Telephone/online banking: Your new account number will be required. Please update your Toronto Hydro account number with your financial institution, either online or over the phone.


Pre-authorized payment: Your new account number has been
automatically updated.


Payment at bank branch: Your new account number will be required.
Please bring your new electricity bill when you make a payment in
person at your local bank branch.


Payment by mail: Your new account number will be required. 
Please include your electricity bill stub with your cheque.


Payment by epost: Your new account number will be required.
You will need to update your Toronto Hydro account number in your
epost mailbox


Historical Electricity Usage Information on Bills

You will notice that your historical electricity usage is temporarily unavailable on your bill.  
Your usage will start displaying from July 2011 onward; however, you will not see a historical comparison until we build your unique profile in our new system.

You can still view your historical data online through our Time-of-Use website.
If you have not yet registered for this service,
sign up now!


Benefits of the TOU website:

  • Review and compare your daily, monthly and annual electricity consumption.

  • Compare your daily off peak consumption against your mid and 
    on-peak consumption and find new ways to shift your electricity
    use to lower price periods.

  • Set customizable email alerts to track and predict your electricity consumption and costs.

  • Get valuable information about our conservation and demand management programs to help you save money and electricity.