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Safety Around the Home

It's important to make children aware of the dangers of electricity, and how to avoid electrical hazards when playing in the house and outdoors. Contact with electrical distribution equipment or wires can cause serious injuries or even death.

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Here are some tips to help ensure your children are safe around electricity:


  • In your home, use plug outlet covers so your child cannot stick fingers or metal objects into exposed electrical outlets.
  • Make sure cords are pushed well back on counters, and irons are removed from ironing boards when not in use. Dangling cords are a temptation to babies and toddlers.
  • Extension cords plugged into an outlet, but not to an appliance, are still energized and can be dangerous. A child or pet could chew on the end of a plugged in cord.


  • Remind your children to never fly kites near power lines.
  • Children should not play on transformer boxes or switching cubicles. These are the enclosures frequently seen on residential streets, and are safe to touch providing they are closed, locked and not damaged. Children should never poke wires, sticks or other objects into the enclosures. A good rule to follow is to encourage your children to stay away from these enclosures. All substations and electrical facilities are marked with high voltage warning signs. Only trained and qualified personnel from the utility should venture into these areas. Teach your children that, if a ball or toy lands in one of these enclosures, they should not go after it. Call Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited or your local electric company.
  • Children should not climb hydro poles, transmission towers or swing on supporting guy wires that are attached to hydro poles.

To report any unlocked, open or damaged equipment call Toronto Hydro at 416.542.8000



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Spot the Hazards!

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**courtesy of ESA's website